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"True wisdom is knowing how little we know"





Rick here, better known as “Rickvanman” and the Voice-over guy for the YouTube Channel “TheHonestGuys”.

This is my personal website where, like a scrapbook, I can post interesting or useful information on a wide range of topics ranging from philosophy about the nature of our reality to practical ‘how to’ and hands-on information.


Some of the information posted here may be seen as controversial to some.

I make absolutely no apologies for posting it. This website is about neutrality and the dissemination of information and ideas without censorship - therefore all views and possibilities are included.

I do not necessarily subscribe to all the information included here, much of it is what I have stumbled across on my journey into knowledge, and just found interesting - make of it what you will.

I recommend you read my brief article on

“Viewing information without belief or rejection”

which talks about looking at the information from a neutral perspective, without actually believing or dismissing it.

This website has been made to complement my main YouTube channel (Rickvanman) which is featured further down this page.

It’s an on-going project and will continue to grow and evolve as I dabble with it.

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Deepak Chopra

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