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Who is Rickvanman?

I’ll let you know when I find out for sure.  In the meanwhile, I’ll tell you what I’ve learned about me so far...


Age: 47    Born: UK   Resides: North Wilts (UK)   Status: Single   Job: entrepreneur

Hobbies: Video making, Music making, relaxing, camping, Astrophotography,crafts, writing, philosophy, self-improvement, preparedness, daytrips, Anime, Sci-fi,    


I’m just a guy who happens to make videos on YouTube for a hobby.

I live in the UK and drive a self-built camper van, which makes life a bit more fun.

I lead an introverted, slightly reclusive, Autodidactic lifestyle and can be a bit eccentric at times.

I’m a right-brain-dominant thinker often guided by artistic mood and a quirky sense of humour that sometimes gets me into trouble. I don't take life too seriously and remain stubbornly open-minded and open-hearted. I am open to unconventional thinking and concepts that are not necessarily accepted in the ‘wider mainstream', and I have no time for close-mindedness, bigotry, or dogma.

Much of my adult life has been dominated by a generalized anxiety disorder that has pushed me into living quite a socially reclusive life. I have written an article about it called: living with anxiety.


Although not a “pacifist” in the official sense of the word, I have a strong draw towards many of the non-violent core philosophies out there such as Buddhism, Hinduism and other beliefs that operate around a common lore ‘do no harm’ principal.    

I don’t subscribe to “beliefs” per say. I will only form “opinions” based upon the information and life experiences or lessons that I have been exposed to up to the present moment, and I passionately reserve the right to change those opinions should new information or experiences be forthcoming. This approach has helped me to retain a healthy open-minded attitude towards most things in life.

There is no escaping the cold fact, that even if a belief is popular, no matter how popular it may get, it doesn’t make it true and it doesn’t necessarily make it right.

One opinion I do have, is that Intention is everything! Set out with good intentions and kindness in your heart, and life will generally find a way to work with you and not against you where it matters.

I also don’t engage much with “labels”. Labels can instantly attribute a broad stereotype that may not be fully appropriate. Once attached, labels can be difficult to remove and they can be self-defeating. To attach labels to ourselves can hinder or even halt the important process of how we learn and evolve as we go through life.

I am open to the idea that everyone on this Earth has a purpose, a role to play, something to contribute to this journey we call life. I think we might be able to get a glimpse of what our role is, by observing our emotions. Joy and passion I think are the key. Whatever makes us passionate and joyful, could very well be our purpose.

Do what makes you happy as often as you can, and if at all possible, try not to let what other people think, especially those with closed minds, stop you from being who you are supposed to be. - Something I’m still working on.


What I do

I consider myself an entrepreneur who makes a modest living with online businesses. I’m not interested in giving all my time over to earning a fortune; I only want enough money to pay the bills and to buy the things I need to live a stress-free life. What's more important to me is making my time my own, and not being tied to a ball and chain existence of little or no choices.

Apart from various websites and my own hobby YouTube channel “Rickvanman”, I’m also involved in a fairly large channel on YouTube called “The Honest Guys”.  The channel currently has around 600,000 subscribers, and I run it with two good friends, creating videos to help people relax.

World view and Awakening Journey

My observations show me that today we live in a fear-based, fear-controlled society, where 24 hour mainstream media feeds us distorted and often propagandised material in order for the powers already in control of us to have even more control over our minds and our lives. It’s why I tend not to watch much TV, or give it my energy.


The same goes for politics; To me, it all seems like a big puppet show that has little bearing or influence on the agendas being quietly played out behind the hidden doors of real power.

In recent years I started to uncover evidence and suggestions that are hard to ignore, things that have made me question so many of the things I’ve previously taken for granted as being fact.  Some of the things I’ve touched on, have caused me to wonder about what we perceive to be true or even real.

It’s been a most interesting journey, although none of it conclusive.

There again, that's just my current conclusion, based on my own life experiences so far.

Yours may be completely different based on your own life experiences up to this point, and that's great, because variety is what keeps life fun and interesting :o)

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