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   Frequently Asked Questions...

What microphone setup are you using?

This is my most frequently asked question.   I use a generic (no brand name) “ear hook” microphone. You can find them cheaply on places like eBay. It is plugged into a digital recorder - in my case a Zoom H1, and I record my audio independently of the camera, then match the audio and video up in editing.

What editing software do you use?

I use the most recent version of  Premiere Elements, and have also recently started experimenting with Final Cut Pro X.

Can you promote or mention my channel/cause/charity/sister/husband/wife etc?

I'm afraid I have to make a point of saying ‘sorry-but-no'.  It's simply because whenever I’ve done it in the past, people feel it sets a precedent, and I end up being bombarded with requests for me to promote or mention all manor of causes, people and channels. People then get upset because I did it for someone, but not for them.   

Can you promote my products for money or freebies?

Plugging or promoting products for money goes against my channel ethos. Pushing products is not what Rickvanman is about.  I may however consider doing honest reviews of products I receive, depending on the nature of the product and whether or not I feel my audience may benefit from it.   

Can I talk to you in person or meet you?

It always surprises me at how often I get asked this question. On the one hand it’s nice to be asked, but as an introvert and someone who’s actually quite shy and socially reclusive, I tend not to follow up on such offers.

Also as a rule, I generally don’t communicate face to face with folks I don’t know, who are anonymous or where no previous contact has occurred.

When are you going to make more gardening / cooking / herbalism / filmmaking / how-to / allotment  / any other type-video’s?

Rickvanman is a variety channel. I make all of my videos for fun, and only when I’m in the mood to make them. YouTube is my hobby, and I’m not under obligation to make specific videos.

I go off subjects all the time, loosing interest in them for a while, then usually re-gaining it again some time later. Feeling pressure to make specific video’s on specific subjects because people demand them, for me, would be a fast-track to quitting YouTube forever, so I just go with the flow, and ask that you do the same.

The videos come along when they do  :-)  

Do you have a Facebook page

Yes: here  

Can you produce royalty free music to order?

In short - no, sorry. I only create music spontaneously and when I am in the mood to do it.

What’s the name of your big metal tripod?

Its a generic brand known as a HQ100.  Google “ HQ 100 tripod ” and you’ll find it.

Do You Still Have Your Hydroponics Setup?

No. I built it purely for experimenting for a year or two. It took up a lot of space and the results were interesting but bearing in mind the cost of building it and the running costs, it made lettuce very expensive! I figured it was just as easy to put a few seeds in some dirt.

Why don’t you do Herbalism anymore?

I enjoyed engaging in and making videos on herbalism back in 2010 - 2011. It was highly education to me, but ultimately ended up as a short-lived hobby, mainly because I was producing loads of medicines and remedies that I never actually had a use for.   I haven't returned to the hobby since 2011 and am now out of practice.

If you are looking for specific information on how to make a product, I recommend obtaining a book on the subject, as this is where all of my own knowledge came from.

I have made a video that gives an overview of all the herbalism books I used here.

Perhaps when I’m old, decrepit and in need of such medicines, I’ll take it up again :-)   

What royalty royalty free music do you use?

I use my own music, plus some free royalty free music from Kevin Macleod ( as well as YouTube’s own library.


Can You Offer Any Advice on Buying A Camera?

Always a a tricky one to answer this, but I get asked it a lot…

At the moment I’m just not up to spec with all the latest models, so I’m probably not the right person to ask.

What Shall I do if I can’t find an answer to my question?

Please contact me here.